Financial Recap 2023

As usual, at the beginning of the year I always recap my financial position consisting of total net worth, looking at the growth of assets and liabilities, investment portfolio, and the amount of passive income earned from dividends.

I do this to look at the position and financial health and evaluate things that should be done. Apart from that, it is also to document the investment journey to achieve financial goals.

Net Worth

For net worth in 2023, the value will increase from 142 million rupiah to 224 million rupiah or an increase of around 57% from 2022.

This increase of 82 million rupiah occurred because every month I continue to add investment funds to Stockbit (the stock securities that I use), so that the value of my investment continues to increase.

Then, when I get dividends from shares, I always reinvest them. So my shares are increasing too.

So actually, that’s all I do to increase my net worth, it’s easy to do but sometimes difficult to put into practice.

Assets & Liabilities

If we look at assets and debt, the increase in asset value continues to increase from year to year. Meanwhile, the liabilities or debt column continues to decrease.

Until the end of 2023, the value of my liabilities/debts was finally paid off.

Actually, in early 2024, I plan to take out a loan to rent a house.

The value is not much, around 20-25 million rupiah. So it is not very material to the overall value of the asset.

Investment Portfolio

I place investments in several instruments, currently I have 3 investment instruments, namely Stocks, Mutual Funds and US Stocks using the GoTrade application.

Of these three instruments, I still allocate quite a large amount of funds to stocks, around 97%. You could say, almost all of my wealth is in shares.

For mutual funds, I only save them for emergency funds. About 2-3 times the monthly salary. While US stocks are much smaller, I buy US stocks using GoTrade.

Passive Income from Dividend

At first I didn’t think that the dividends from my stock portfolio would be this big. Yes, I think the value of 28 million rupiah from dividends is quite large.

You can see, my dividend growth every year almost always doubles. If it continues like this, wow, I can retire early soon.

But unfortunately, this dividend increase was influenced by various factors, one of which was because several Stocks I owned made fantastic profits and distributed very large dividends.

These Stocks are PTBA and UNTR.

The above event will not continue continuously, because the two stocks above are cyclical stocks (coal). In 2023, the profits of these two companies will decline.

If profits fall, then dividends in 2024 will also fall. I’m certainly ready for that. So my target is in 2024, at least the dividend income won’t fall much from 2023, if it can go up a little that’s okay.

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