Journaling with Day One

journaling with day one
journaling with day one

Today, I start my journal using Day One. The appearance is good, I can start writing without get any distraction. Other great things about this app is, it’s cheap, you just need 4.99 bucks to buy this app on the app store. Automatically synced with Dropbox, I always love an app that have connection with Dropbox, because I love Dropbox.

Why I use Day One? You know, the very unique story in this world is your daily story. Each person has different story. So, why I’m not write down my story, right?

Before I buy Day One as my journaling app. I use Evernote to do it, but Evernote not sync my notes to Dropbox. Evernote is bloated, I already realized it. A few days later, maybe, Evernote will on my Trash.

I think it’s enough to describe how beautiful Day One is. Start your journal now, write down your daily life!

Purchase: Day One

By Abdullah Adnan

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