Got Some Crash with My Nissan A31

A31 Signal lights
A31 Signal lights

This is when i trying to get off from home and wanted to drive for the first time without a teacher, but before the car go out from my front yard the front of the car (which it’s very long & big car) i hit my car to the pole. This isn’t my fault, this fault is people who placed the pole in front of my home. Damn! 😀

A31 back-left door
A31 back-left door crash

Actually, the second crash is same as the first (trying to get out). The difference is this crash make my car looks not good again and it hit the wall, not pole. With a big dents on the left back door, i won’t to use this car before the problem fixed.

However, i still love this car even the appearance not good for now. Next week, i’ll bring this car to the workshop, who can handle body repair and repaint. My dad tell me i need over $90 for this.

By Abdullah Adnan

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