iPhone 5 akan Dirilis September 2012

iPhone5 Mock-up oleh Macrumors

App4phone.fr mengklaim bahwa iPhone 5 akan dirilis September tahun ini. Seperti yang dikutip dari Cult of Mac:

It could be true. Last year, Apple released the iPhone 4S on October 14, 2011, and while usually Apple tends to go by what they’ve done in the past, September 21st is close enough to early-mid October that there are any number of reasons why Apple might want to get out the next iPhone a little bit earlier: for example, to get it in more hands by Christmas.

If the September 21st date pans out, that would imply that Apple will officially unveil the iPhone 5 ten days earlier, as they did with the iPhone 4S.

Apakah rumor ini benar? walaupun tidak tepat, semoga Apple benar-benar memiliki desain iPhone 5 seperti mock-up diatas. 🙂

By Abdullah Adnan

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